Gainesville police arrest 4 in armed robbery

Gainesville police have arrested four people who are believed to be connected to the armed robbery at a Verizon store.

But what Linda fears now is Gatorback Cycle Park moving five minutes away from her home and disrupting her and husband's serenity out in the country.

Got milk? Well, one dairy in Trenton certainly does… about 14 milk tanks a day to be exact. Alliance Dairies sends about 46 thousand gallons of milk every single day to the local community.

Weekend Planner for August 18, 2017

Countdown to solar eclipse

Fallen Tree in Gainesville

Woman donates supplies for every student at school

One person is left dead after a truck collided with a train

Barcelona Terror Attack Investigation Ongoing

Moms chat about social media sales pitches

Summerfield residents push to find help for private roadways

Gainesville city staff drafting ordinance to move elections to fall

Stranger watched over 3-year-old left behind on field trip

Shots fired at Kiwanis Park

Van plows into crowd in Barcelona; Police view it as terror

Summerfield Intruder Identified

New apartment on University Ave. could cause major traffic blockage

Shooting in Kiwanis Park

Pet oxygen masks donated to Chiefland Fire Rescue

ASO narcotics K9 goes back to work at schools in the county

UF President denies request for Richard Spencer to speak on campus

Gatorback Cycle Park's newly proposed site exciting some business owners

Accident on I-75 leaves one man trapped inside a truck

Corrine Brown's request for new trial has been denied

ACSO hires former GPD captain who retired amid sexual harassment charges

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