Chinese Rock Penjing Display

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) Dr. John Peterson isn’t just the man behind these Chinese Rock Penjing sculptures displayed at the Florida Museum of Natural History, he’s also a professor of horticulture at the University of Florida…

“As a professor part of my work is sharing the beauty of plants and nature with the public, so it took me two weeks to create the actual plantings that are on each of the sculptures,” said Dr. John Peterson, U.F. Professor of Horticulture.

The display is made up of miniature landscapes that capture the Chinese appreciation of natural environments.

‘In addition to that there are ones natural in their character and then there are ones that are imaginable like “Elephant Mountain” and “Eagle Mountain” Things that are imaginary and creative in our world,” said Dr. Peterson.

In its 13 year history, this is the first time the Butterfly Exhibit hosted a display.

“If we were given the opportunity to have this display again we would absolutely welcome it. I would love to have this once more or better yet over and over again,” said Ryan Fessenden, Butterfly Rainforest Manager.

“My personal favorite is the "Dragon’s Eye”. It’s a pink rock with a big circle and it’s framed by the lovely greenery so it really pops that color,” said Fessenden.

To find out which miniature landscape is your favorite, you can check out the Penjing Landscapes up until October 29th.