Fans mourn the loss of band member killed in crash

MICANOPY, Fl. (WCJB)- On Friday afternoon, the New York-based metal band "Adrenaline Mob" was traveling on I-75 toward St. Petersburg.

"We were supposed to go to St. Pete to the state theater to see them but when my son told me about what happened, I was like totally shocked,” said “Adrenaline Mob” fan Caroline Dominguez.

The band's RV pulled to the side of the road and was hit by a tractor trailer.

The RV burst into flames killing bassist David Zablidowsky and injuring six people.

Fans have returned to the site of the deadly crash to pay their respects to the band.

"Being out here, seeing this is very emotional and heart breaking,” said Dominguez.

Fans say they want to begin a roadside memorial for the bassist.

"It's a cross I can make, spray paint it, put some little flowers on it, some other bouquets. So hopefully the members and the families will really like it and enjoy,” said Dominguez.

Dominguez and her son say they will remember David Z with the music they’ll continue to play in their hearts.