Fugitive arrested 14 years after sex abuse against child

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WILLISTON, Fla. (WCJB) A fugitive wanted for sexually abusing a child is finally in custody in Levy County. 55 year old Nathan Nixon from williston -- a fugtitive levy county deputies couldn't find anywhere.

"We tried for several years to execute the arrest warrant going to any of his last known addresses, checking with acquaintances. He just fell off the grid," said Lt. Scott Tummond with Levy County Sheriff's Office.

A 9 year old girl told investigators back in July of 2003, "a person who she trusted the most did sexual things to her that were hard for her to talk about because they were 'gross.'"

"After our investigator filed the paperwork with the state attorney's office and the courts agreed to issue the warrant for his arrest which was just a matter of 24 hours, Nixon disappeared," said Lt. Tummond.

After 14 years on the run, Nixon was found in Mexico and then deported back to the US in June. Nixon was caught by officials in the U.S. Marshals Service.

His bond is set for three million dollars. "Should he make bond, there are provisions that the judge has already placed on him, he won't be able to leave the area, he has to check in frequently," said Lt. Tummond. "If convicted, he could do the rest of his natural life in prison."

Lt. Tummond said the victim, now a young adult, is relieved to start the prosecution process.