Home invasion robber returns to Marion County to face charges

MARION COUNTY, Fla. A Marion County man arrested in Volusia County for stealing a car and resisting arrest will now face charges for his role in an Ocala home invasion robbery.

Sheriff's deputies who say they're glad he's behind their bars.

Marion County deputies say 18-year-old Gabriel Bowen, entered a home back on July 22nd and brutally assaulted two elderly women.

Lauren Lettelier said, "He grabbed them out of their beds, batters them, restrained them with their own oxygen tubing and put them in the bathroom while he tore through their home."

And that wasn't then end of it.

Lauren Lettelier said, "He also stole their vehicle and some miscellaneous items inside of their house and then left the scene."

Bowen managed to drive the stolen car down to the Holly Hill area with more than 23-thousand dollars’ worth of items.

Holly Hill Police caught Bowen, and have been holding him on the stolen vehicle charge.

Now, he'll be facing the more severe charges back in Marion County.

Lauren Lettelier said, "No one ever wants to live through something like this. And these two ladies unfortunately became the victims of this violent crime so we were very glad to find the man responsible and to be able to seek justice for the two individuals.

Bowen was transferred to the Marion County Jail on a 62-thousand dollar bond.