Irma spares Cedar Key

It looks like cedar key made it out without a scratch.

"We’re very fortunate and grateful,” said resident Rich Galer.

Unlike Hurricane Irma's sister, Hermine, Monday’s storm spared the coastal town last-minute

"I think the closest to the eye we got was 35 miles,” Galer said.

The only real cleanup left to do this time was removing sandbags and unboarding windows.

"I feel bad for the people down in Naples and down in the Keys. They definitely got hit hard."

The waves and wind seemed to have left with Irma, giving residents the chance breathe a sigh of relief.

While people on the key are thanking their lucky stars, they’re also keeping in mind how bad it’s gotten before, and how bad it could get again.

"We’re not over yet, though. Have until November 15 for hurricane season."