Keys evacuees returning home from NCFL

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BRONSON, Fla. (WCJB) - South Floridians are making their way back home after evacuating, and after road closures, people who live in the Upper Florida Keys are finally being allowed back onto their islands. A couple from Key West said they still can not go back, but they are preparing to bring down supplies.

"I'm just thankful my friends and family are okay," said Brice Barr, who owns a charter fishing boat business in Key West. "Walking away from a boat, that is one of my family's main source of income, is very difficult to walk away from especially when you secure all your property and everything else knowing that you may not see it again."

He and his wife decided to evacuate after hearing Irma would be hitting the Keys as a Category 4 storm.

"I mean you see the flooding and things like that and you can only imagine being on the leading edge of that eyewall, catastrophic conditions," Barr said.

They came to Bronson, where his parents live and they're glad they did.

"I've had friends that say they've lost everything and friends that have been extremely lucky," said Barr.

After irma damaged about 90% of the homes in the Florida Keys.

"It doesn't even matter what condition it's in at this point, just the fact that it's all still there, we were giving high fives and stuff," said Barr. "Key West is a small town believe it or not and those people are extremely resilient."

Key West is still not allowing re-entry because roads are closed and resources are limited. Once they can return, Barr plans to bring supplies likw chainsaws and repair kits. He said, "The list keeps growing but we are preparing, and we're trying to get some stuff together."

He believes Key West will come out stronger. "It's difficult but I do know we're going to be okay, my town is going to be okay, the Florida Keys are going to be okay."