Levy County Begins Clean-Up after Irma

Some people in Levy County are breathing a sigh of relief after waking up to less damage than they originally expected.

Emergency crews say fallen trees and power lines are the main concerns as they clean up.

"Back when I was like four or five, there was like two hurricanes,” said Tyler Perkins who evacuated his home.

Tyler Perkins, 25, has lived in North Central Florida for most of his life.

He is no stranger to hurricanes.

"They were pretty nasty. We just stayed inside and rode it out,” Perkins said.

Hurricane Irma was no different and Perkins made sure his family was prepared with the essentials.

"Went to the grocery store, stocked up on some water, got groceries,” Perkins said.

Along with thousands of people in levy county, Perkins evacuated his home in Bronson.

"I'm hoping we still have a home to go to but if not then we'll figure something out,” Perkins said.

The winds from Irma were actually strong enough to cause some trees to snap, some even falling on some power lines, causing outages for people in Levy County

"If you get home, and you have a tree in a power line, do not attempt to cut the tree out of the power line yourself. our storm crews with our power companies are already deployed. They are working as hard as they can to restore power to or citizens,” Lieutenant Scott Tummond with Emergency Operations said.

Lt. Tummond says more than 13,500 people are without power.

He also says he cannot give a specific time for when power will be restored to everyone in the county.

However, he and many others hope people take care as they get back to check on their homes.

"No worries, I just hope, you know, everybody stays safe,” Perkins said.

Levy County Emergency Operations Center has not put out a boil water notice but a spokesperson says residents can boil their water, if possible, just to be safe.