Man jumps on moving train; dies

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WILLISTON, Fla. (WCJB) - A young man is dead after a tragic accident last night at the Kirby Family Farm in Williston.

"We were pulling out doing a test run with the train, and one of the volunteers jumped on the train after we had left, they weren't supposed to be jumping on it, I think the train ran him over," asked the 911 caller. "You think the train ran him over?" The Dispatcher asked. The caller responded, "Yeah he's hurt bad,"

The caller saying Osburn-Day slipped and fell between the cars of the train.

Levy County deputies and FHP Troopers responded.

Lt. Scott Tummond with the sheriff's office said, "We requested the assistance of FHP, they have the expertise in drawing the diagrams and working with crashes that involve serious injury or death"

Kirby Family Farm is a nonprofit organization for children's outreach and education. They host community activities like events with Six Gun Territory.

FHP Trooper Lt. Patrick Riordan said, "They're really dedicated to the community through time talent and treasure."

Osburn-Day was there helping them set up for their next event.

"This appears to be a very tragic accident to a very good person who had the best of intentions," said Lt. Tummond.

Osburn-Day was a volunteer at the farm. The owner of the farm is not yet ready to make a statement.