Mayor Surrency Asks Public to Aid Schools with Donations

Asking friends and family to donate time or money to a good cause in place of birthday gifts is a growing trend, and Mayor Matt Surrency is jumping on the bandwagon.

After all of the problems Hawthorne has had, keeping Hawthorne Middle and High School open they found out the school isn't going to get Title One funding anymore. Title one funds go to schools that have a high percent of student from low-income families.

Hawthorne Middle and High used to get about 60 thousand dollars a year which would go toward things like school supplies and after-school help. Surrency says that's why he's giving up gifts in place of donations for the school.

"I don't expect any birthday presents, but if you feel compelled to do so, then feel free to make a donation to the Elementary School or High School with funding or school supplies themselves.

Surrency says new policies limiting each district's say with Title one funding is the reason for the loss at Hawthorne High. Anyone who wants to make a donation can call the high school or reach out to the Mayor himself.