Museum puts whale skeleton together

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) “This project seemed like a really fun project to do,” said Mike Adams, Exhibit Fabricator.

The Florida Museum of Natural History is putting together a giant puzzle made out of 264 pieces…

“How many times in life do you get to put together a whale skeleton?” said Dale Johnson, Exhibit Project Manager.

The final outcome? The skeleton of a male humpback whale.

“The whale behind me is a juvenile humpback whale that washed on shore in 1990 at New Smyrna Beach, and we are articulating this skeleton for our 100th Anniversary Exhibit,” said Johnson.

The master to this puzzle? Exhibit Fabricator Mike Adams who surprisingly enough has never put together a skeleton before, but he took on the challenge and figured out how to put this puzzle together.

“First off, we had to figure out what the weight was and then after that we decided what materials we could use to hang it. We had some engineers come in to make sure we can actually hang it from the tresses. The rest of the process was getting the right material and finding the right points to actually make it look like a whale,” said Adams.

Adams says the juvenile humpback whale weighs more than a thousand pounds.

“It’s going to be 26 feet long, give or take a few inches with the metal in-between,” said Johnson.

Out of all the parts to put together, Adams says his favorite...

“Would have to be the spine, it’s like a roller coaster and a domino effect, but the whole process was fun,” said Adams.

You can see the humpback whale for yourself at the museum’s 100th Anniversary Exhibit on September 23rd.