Newberry couple loses everything in mobile home fire

NEWBERRY, Fla. (WCJB) A Newberry couple has lost everything in a fire that burned their mobile home on

“It was a complete loss. From our living room to our kitchen is as black as you can think of. Just, there’s nothing left,” said Wanda Barclay who was living in the home.

That night, Wanda and her partner Wally Harrison were outside smoking a cigarette when they saw their mobile home shoot up in flames.

“Had we gone to bed, at our normal time which would have been around 10 o clock in the evening, we probably wouldn’t have woken up,” said Barclay.

Although the couple wasn’t hurt, their beloved Siamese cat, Bella, died in the blaze.

“She was our daughter, she was 10 years old and I miss her dearly,” said Barclay.

With the help of an old teacher and social media, Wanda and Wally are slowly getting back on their feet.

“Newberry has a great tradition of helping their neighbor and my thought the next day was to put it on our citizens forum. There’s about 4,000 members and they come to the task. It was overwhelming the next day or two,” said Joy Glanzer.

Wanda says she believes the fire was caused by an old wiring on the home’s air conditioning unit.

“Prayer and just moral support and community support is really gonna be the thing that will help us get through this,” said Barclay

The cause of the fire has still not been determined by the fire marshal but Wanda says she’ll be looking forward no matter what.

If anyone is interested in helping out, donations can be dropped off at the Newberry Laundromat next to Hitchcock’s or at Glanzer Realty at 25527 W. Newberry Road.