Ocala police receive Narcan to help drug overdose patients

OCALA, Fla. Every Ocala Police officer will soon be better equipped to help save a person who is overdosing on drugs like heroin or fentanyl.

Tuesday, the department received a generous donation of 200 Narcan nasal spray units.

Ocala police says each person they lose is one too many.

Meghan Shay said, "Since January, we have had 53 overdoses just in the city limits and of those, 13 resulted in death."

Now, officers are getting some help from "The Centers", a drug addiction treatment center that also provides mental health services in Ocala.

That help, a large donation of Narcan; a nasal spray meant to reverse the effects of an overdose.

Meghan Shay said, "We received 200 units of Narcan. We have167 sworn officers, so now all of them will be equipped with this life saving drug for our citizens.

Steve Blank, who works for The Centers, says the Department of Children and Families provided them with the Narcan on the condition that they give the aid to groups that need it in the area.

And blank says the community needs to take advantage of their services as well.

Steve Blank said, "We have all of our staff trained, so in the event that someone comes in and their either under the influence or somebody has overdosed or getting ready to overdose, we now have the ability to treat them and hopefully save them."

The Narcan donation is expected to save the city 75 hundred dollars.