Santa Fe river floods, closes several roads

Hurricane Irma has passed, but her effect is still being felt as the Santa Fe River continues to rise.

The massive amount of rain finally adding up, pushing people from their homes and off of roadways.

A bridge on US Highway 27 between Lake City and Gainesville is closed, as well as a bridge on US 41 between Lake City and Gainesville.

County leaders say they knew the river would become an issue after the storm, but they weren’t sure just how bad it would get.

"No, I would not call this an unanticipated event. We’ve known this is happening, what we didn’t know was whether it was going to rise to the level of I-75 closing,” said Alachua County Spokesperson Mark Sexton.

Florida Department of Transportation workers say I-75 north and southbound are still open, but they’re watching the river as water levels rise.