Santa Fe River to break high level records

SANTA FE RIVER, Fla. (WCJB) The Santa Fe River levels will be reaching record highs in the next few days causing concern for residents and park visitors.

"Well we were expecting when we left, Category 5 hurricane… we didn't want to go through that,” said Tim Graham, who evacuated with his wife Nancy Graham.

The Grahams evacuated from their home in Fort Myers to North Central Florida.

"Grabbed our parrot and put him in a cage, and took off."

They are feeling thankful after avoiding the full wrath of Hurricane Irma.

"Relieved, incredibly grateful, people have been so nice."

The couple came to the Santa Fe River to relax, then realized something was different from the last time they visited.

"It's up, we can tell that, that's for sure,” Tim said.

Water from the river has flowed onto its banks and even its boat ramps.

Some people say they expect the water levels to rise even after the storm.

"It's coming, there's nothing we can do about it.” said Jim Wood, who owns and operates the Santa Fe River Outpost.

Wood and his staff have been moving canoes, kayaks, and work vans from his property to keep them safe from the rising water.

"Could end up in our parking lot, well above the desk, you can't see it on the camera, but you and I could be standing neck deep in water,” Wood said.

Although the Santa Fe River levels keep rising, some are just trying to appreciate it while they can.

"It's one of the reasons we chose this area to evacuate to because we knew once it blew over, there's some incredible natural beauty here,” said Nancy.