Deaf Night Out brings community together.

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)- For Nathanael Herbert of Gainesville, growing up was a little different.

"So my grandmother told me, that when I was a baby growing up, she tried calling me again and again and I wasn’t hearing her,” said Herbert, who is deaf.

Now he wants to teach people about the deaf community.

"A lot of deaf people feel lost and they don't really know where other deaf people are in the community so this is why i created this Deaf Night Out so that deaf people can come together and have a place where they can feel comfortable to communicate with each other,” said Herbert

Herbert is a part of many organizations in Gainesville that aim to bring the deaf and hearing communities together, all while having fun.

Some people may think the only way to communicate with someone in the deaf community is through sign language but using something as simple as our phones or a pen works too.

"A lot of people actually feel really trepidatious to come to these events if they don't know American Sign Language yet. They might be teetering on if they want to learn sign language or just want to meet some deaf individuals. The group of people that run these events, make it accessible for everyone,” said Tyler James, who attends deaf events and has parents who are hard of hearing.

Through smiles and support, both communities are learning about each other.

"My goal is really to open the hearing world's eyes. Let them know that we are the same, we are human. We're not different from you,” said Herbert.

Together, the deaf and hearing are on the road to understanding.