DISH Network Subscribers starting October 3rd DISH Network will drop WCJB TV20 and Gainesville CW from their line up.  Contact DISH Network at 1-888-389-1496 or "contact us" at dish.com.



WCJB TV20 and Gainesville CW are committed to providing the best local news coverage, entertainment programming  and information important to our viewers in North Central Florida.  Local television is your connection to the community. We supply our signal to a variety of cable operators and satellite providers. 

We will provide the latest information at WCJB.Com and through our recorded message at 352-416-0683.


1. Will viewers still be able to watch WCJB TV20 and Gainesville CW after it is no longer available on DISH Network?


Yes.  After October 3, most viewers will be able to receive the station in HD for free by using a basic over-the-air antenna. In addition, viewers will continue to be able to receive WCJB TV20 and Gainesville CW from a variety of local cable operators and from DIRECTV.  You can visit antennaweb.org for more information about using an antenna.


2. What is the dispute between WCJB TV20 and Gainesville CW and DISH Network about?


WCJB negotiates agreements with cable and satellite companies such as DISH Network that bring our signals into your home. Usually, these deals are reached without any disruption to your service. Unfortunately, so far DISH Network has refused to reach a fair, market-based deal to carry WCJB TV20 and Gainesville CW. The deadline for reaching an agreement is October 2nd. If no deal is reached by the deadline, then starting October 3rd, by law, you could lose WCJB TV20 and Gainesville CW network programming, syndicated programming  and local news you rely on and which you are paying DISH for.


3. Why should DISH Network pay anything to carry WCJB TV20 and Gainesville CW?


Although WCJB TV20 and Gainesville CW are free to over-the-air viewers, companies such as DISH Network that package and resell broadcast stations for profit need to pay for their signals.  Without broadcast stations such as WCJB, the package of channels that DISH Network sells for profit would be less desirable and therefore less valuable to local consumers like you. Additionally, DISH has a long track record of habitually failing to come to an agreement with local TV stations around the country and disrupting service of those stations.  


4. Does DISH Network pay to acquire other channels?


Based on publicly available information, all cable and satellite companies, including DISH Network, pay the owners of most channels that they carry, even those with few or no viewers. We understand that companies such as DISH Network pay substantial fees per month for the right to carry ESPN, TNT, Disney Channel, and others.  These channels have NO local programming, NO local employees, NO local investments, and far less viewers than WCJB TV20 and Gainesville CW.


5. Won't my rates go up if DISH Network has to pay WCJB TV20 and Gainesville CW for its signals?


Whether rates go up depends on decisions made by DISH Network. Like all cable and satellite companies, DISH Network is already charging you to receive WCJB as part of your monthly satellite bill.   DISH Network could simply re-allocate the fees its pays among those channels that the public really wants to watch. Thus, DISH Network could pay less for, or refuse to carry altogether, channels that its customers don't value nearly as highly as they value WCJB TV20 and Gainesville CW. In any event, we do not control how much DISH Network pays others, how much it charges you, or how it manages its business. We are simply requesting that DISH Network pay a fair market price for our signal, just as DISH's competitors do.  We have and will continue to negotiate with DISH Network in good faith in an effort to successfully complete a deal with them.


6. Has WCJB TV20 and Gainesville CW entered into agreements with other cable companies to be paid for the right to carry its station?


Yes.  WCJB TV20 and Gainesville CW and its owner, Diversified Broadcasting, Inc.  have been able to successfully reach agreements with all other cable and satellite providers in our area.  


7. If DISH Network stops carrying WCJB TV20 and Gainesville CW will I get a refund on my satellite bill?


It is up to DISH Network to determine whether they will give you a refund or credit. You should contact DISH to let them know that you will be unhappy if you have to pay for a service you are no longer receiving.


8. Is there anything the public can do to help make sure that WCJB TV20 and Gainesville CW remain on DISH Network?


The best way to influence this dispute is to register your support for how important it is for DISH to continue to carry our station.  Call DISH Network at 1-888-389-1496.  It is important that DISH Network subscribers let DISH Network know that they intend to cancel their service and move to an alternative provider if DISH Network doesn't continue to carry WCJB TV20 and Gainesville CW.


We are currently in negotiations with DISH Network and are trying to come to terms similar to the deals we have negotiated or are negotiating with other video providers.


We are striving to ensure that you do not lose any of your favorite programming on WCJB TV20 and Gainesville CW.  We commit that we will continue to work hard to try to get a successful outcome to this negotiation.