FORT WHITE- Along with rain and fallen trees caused by Isaac flooding is underway in some parts of North Central Florida.
One stretch of the Santa Fe River has already reached it's flood stage.
North Central Florida is getting some wet weather all thanks to Isaac, but its the rain thats already fallen thats causing river levels to rise.
"Depending on what isaac brings us it could get a lot worse, but we don't know that yet," said Jeff Summers.
Summers with Florida Fish and Wildlife said the Santa Fe River near Fort White is the only part of the river that has reached it's flood stage.
It's currently a couple inches over its 24-foot flood stage, but it's nothing compared to what it was two months ago when Tropical Storm Debby hit.
You couldn't even see the picnic tables, as the water peaked over 30 feet.
Even though the water levels aren't as high right now. Summers said residents should keep their eyes open if they get in the river.
"The ground is saturated now, trees are falling, trees are snapping. These are things that can potentially make very serious situations," said Summers.
He told us life jackets are a must with the curent weather conditions.
Summers said the river isn't its normal quiet little self. You can tell by how fast the Santa Fe River is moving. Making it difficult for anyone to swim against the currents.
The fact that we have all the water on the upper end of the Santa Fe right now and it's flowing out of here. It's really moving hard.
As we feel the effects of Isaac the National Weather Service predicts the Santa Fe River near Fort White will rise about another foot.
"If the river levels get higher and the situation deteriorates it will be better if people stayed off of it until the water comes back down," said Summers.
To what some call a normal quiet Santa Fe River.