GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- One scooter store owner says not enough people wear helmets riding around town.

Hawk rescued from wildfire

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Two people helped save a helpless bird from a wildfire in the Hawthorne area...


GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- After more than a year of controversy over the confederate soldier downtown, another protest outside the county administration building took place Tuesday afternoon, just before the final decision was expected to be made at the commission meeting.


Battery over McDonalds order


Marion county sheriff's deputies say Barry Speakman asked a 16-year-old to go to McDonald's for food, but she came back with the wrong food.

Speakman allegedly became angry and is accused of kicking the teen in the neck.

Entrepreneur recognized by Governor


Erin Winick, 23, from Gainesville was recognized on Tuesday with the Young Entrepreneur Award by Governor Rick Scott.

SILVER SPRINGS, Fla.-- Underwater photographer Bruce Mozert, helped make Silver Springs an international landmark due to his many compelling art pieces.    


Woman slaps employee over slow service

Gainesville police say Diane Thompson was placed under arrest after slapping two Ross department store employees.

Man arrested for sexual assault


Deputies with the Putnam county sheriff's office say Gerardo Carracedo, 52, who they arrested for sexual assault, is also being investigated for forced labor and human trafficking.

World Record-Holder for Marion County

Ocala, Fl---


A Marion County woman is the official holder of a Guinness World Record, as having collected the most flamingo related items in the world. 


Cindy Dunlow, who owns a custom frame shop, has 793 items related to flamingoes.


LONDON (AP) - **UPDATE** The United States' top intelligence official says the U.S. government has not yet verified that the Islamic State group is responsible for the Manchester attack.


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