Bo Diddley, four months after renovation

GAINESVILLE,'s it working out? It's been four months since Bo Diddley Plaza opened after closing for a year for renovation. TV20's Rebecca Woolard checks in to see how those renovations are shaping out. 


GAINESVILLE, Fla -- The city of Gainesville took part in the World's Largest Swimming Lesson Friday. 


Pastor Johnnie Jones said," this is something the williston community desperatly needs." 


The Ministerial Faith Alliance Church is actively looking for a place where they can host their everyday events along with other community activities. 

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. -- In the middle of burn season, wildfires are rampant in the Western United States. 


Florida Forest Service workers are doing their best to forestall them here.


Weekend Planner

Happy Friday everyone!  


LONDON (AP) — Britain voted to leave the European Union after a bitterly divisive referendum campaign, toppling the prime minister Friday, sending global markets plunging and shattering the stability of a project in continental unity designed half a century ago to prevent World War III.

Car found off ramp of I-75

GAINESVILLE, Fla. --  The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating a car that ran off an I-75 ramp on Thursday.

The car was getting off the williston road exit when it ran off the ramp and flipped on its side. Alachua County Sheriff's deputies say, the car was traveling too fast.

Money raised to place Dentmond to rest

GAINESVILLE, Fla. --   The Gainesville teenager who was killed in a police involved shooting now has a final resting place.

Columbia County man suspected of fraud

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Fla. -- Sheriff's detectives are attempting to identify a man who they say is a con man with several fraud cases in multiple counties. 


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