Contract nixed by the city

The contract signed by the city of Gainesville and a private developer to build a hotel in a parking lot in downtown Gainesville was cancelled. The developer, Horizon Hospitality Management, entered into the contract with the city in 2015, but failed to pay the full deposit. The city gave the developer numerous extensions but said that a line needed to be drawn and enforced and sent a letter of contract termination on Monday.

Deadly shooting in Marion County

Marion County deputies are investigating a shooting that left 1 dead and 1 seriously injured.

Showbiz Wrap 7-28-17

Here's the latest from Hollywood.

Sheriff Sadie Darnell receives award

Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell was presented with the inaugural award from UF's Department of Pediatrics.

What's Growing on: Northwest Grille

Take a trip to Northwest Grille in this week's What's Growing On.

Man arrested after purposefully crashing truck

A man is behind bars after trying to hit his brother-in-law with his truck.

Pedestrian hit and killed by car

The victim's name has been released after being hit and killed by a car.


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