An author learns just how high the stakes are when he steals another man's work.
Plus, a wall street trader goes on an international hunt to find his family.

Stealing never pays.
That's the lesson one man learns in "The Words."
Bradley Cooper stars as a struggling writer who takes the work of another author of a past generation.
He thinks no one will ever know, but he's terribly mistaken.
"The Words' is Rated " PG 13."

In "The Cold Light of Day" a wall street trader finds himself on the other side of the ocean, trying to save his kidnapped family.
To get back the ones he loves, he'll have to unravel a dangerous secret.
And the only person he can trust, is himself.
"The Cold Light of Day" is Rated " PG 13."

"Branded" imagines a surreal world in which corporations are engaged in a global conspiracy to control consumers' minds.  But one man can see the bizarre forces of mind control that others don't.
He launches his own epic battle to save society.
"Branded" is Rated "R."