The stars of "Twilight" hit the red carpet... for the world premiere of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2", the fifth and final film in the series.
Some fans camped out several nights, in cold temperatures, for their chance to see their favorite actors.
Week 8 of "Dancing With The Stars - All Stars" was "Latin Trio Night."
The remaining all stars performed twice and 2 will be sent home tonight.
This was also co-host Brook Burke's first show, since announcing that she's been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.
Brook will have to undergo surgery, but says doctors have given her a good prognosis.
Lindsay Lohan backed out of an interview with Barbara Walters at the last minute.
But that's not all, Walters brought it up on "The View."
"You know... I said poor girl... and I hope when she feels like it... she'll do it with us.
Then today I pick up the paper (here comes the punch line) Lindsay Lohan is sitting with an interview with Jay Leno.
Uh oh!"
Walters says she's disappointed that Lindsay's representatives didn't explain why she canceled.