Local unions band together to garner support for the Heroes Act

Published: Jun. 17, 2020 at 11:50 PM EDT
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Protests push on in North Central Florida as people fight for change. A group gathered today seeking Congressman Ted Yoho's support to vote in favor of the Heroes Act. Even though Yoho voted against the bill last month.

If the Heroes Act is approved in another round of financial assistance could come to businesses and households.

A small group of union members banded together in Gainesville to caravan to 3rd district Congressman Ted Yoho’s office. They shared a common goal.

One member said, "what we wanna see is some help for the people who are actually out there in the field doing the work and keeping everything together."

That is to get Yoho to show support of the $3 trillion Heroes Act.

President of the Local 1205 International Brotherhood of Electric Workers James Ingle said, “So a lot of its gonna be is making sure our members have got something to fall back on and a lot of its gonna be trying to make sure that other people have their rights enforced. And part of its gonna be throttling these congressmen and politicians to make sure they’re doing the right thing and people get the help they need.”

If passed, the Heroes Act would send a second round of stimulus checks to more people.

Union member Sheila Payne says the post office, the unemployed and local businesses need the extra boost. ”Because it has to be about caring especially black lives matter. You know, the unemployment rate has hit black people the most.”

Although, coronavirus concerns has Yoho’s office closed to the public.

Payne added, "And we have to get leadership that cares about workers, people in the community instead of big corporations so we'll keep agitating."

The group wasn’t able to catch Yoho in his office but they decided to send their message in a different way. Each person signed their name on the contact sheet outside of his office door and left signs supporting their cause on the windows.

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