COVID-19: A potential second wave is on its way

Published: Jun. 26, 2020 at 6:17 PM EDT
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) -Florida is reporting record-breaking COVID-19 numbers primarily around the 20 through 25 age range, and experts want to correct any misconception that young people are invulnerable.

The question is, is a second wave on its way to our community?

Experts say it's a very real possibility.

Antibody testing is becoming more popular.

Experts want to remind everyone that your results may tell you if you have the antibodies, but they don't tell you if those will protect you from COVID-19 or not and for how long.

Infectious Disease Physician Dr. Nicole Iovine said, "Antibody testing has the potential to give people a false sense of security, that they are protected and that might not be the case."

So, how do we move forward?

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Joseph Parra said, "I've always been a big proponent of 'you have to live as well;' you only have one life to live and we have to enjoy it."

"You have to keep that but at the same time you have to protect yourself...being a hermit at home it's not realistic."

He says people just need to wear a mask and avoid large gatherings.

"That gives us power that gives us the ability to fight back against this," Dr. Iovine said. "We are not helpless we have these things that we can do, and we can help to protect ourselves and our loved ones if we follow the guidelines"

So as we see the numbers continue to rise, we can still fight this.

One CDC guideline at a time.

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