Local Builder in the “Parade of Homes” is focused on sustainability and efficiency

Properties featured in North-Central Florida's "Parade of Homes" offer potential buyers sustainable and efficient options.
Published: Jun. 28, 2020 at 4:40 PM EDT
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - North Central Florida's "Parade of Homes" offers people the opportunity to see new homes and communities in the area.

The VUE at Celebration Pointe offers potential home buyers a unique property that can sustain all environments and climates, including Florida summers. The builder of the home said they are focusing on two significant areas: sustainability and energy efficiency.

"In this house, we have an upgraded wall assembly where we're using a thicker wall with really dense-packed insulation, and we are using a very durable exterior. We're using the right combination of a commercial roofing product. The modern design really lends itself well to building an efficient building. So, we are able to keep our air infiltration, and our energy balanced appropriately. Using high-quality roof and wall assembly and equipment that recipe kind of comes together very powerfully," said Gabe Huish, the President of Hush Homes.

As people are looking to purchase properties for the long term, one realtor said now is the right time to buy. Chris Conti is a realtor at Celebration Pointe Realty, and he said that the Quarter 1 market this year, exceeded 2019's numbers.

"The market has been pretty strong here through COVID-19. Especially in our model, we have seen we've seen a strong number of people coming in. During the parade of homes the last two weekends, we've seen a lot of activity. People are very excited about not only what is happening within Gainesville, but what is happening at The VUE and within Celebration Pointe. People are excited to see the progress, and things start to develop," said Conti.

According to The Florida Realtors, in Alachua County, Quarter 1 of 2020 had slightly more sales than those reported at the same time last year. However, the month over month numbers released for may show a decrease in sales in Gainesville and Florida overall. Conti said he expects to see the market continue to rise.

"We expect to see numbers continue to go up, especially as university begins in the fall. We're going to start to see more people coming in, more people coming into town. More people wanting to meet with us, interested in existing properties or new development. People are really excited about that in the market as well," said Conti.

Huish said that all of the steps that he is taking in his community at Celebration Pointe would help in the long term.

"If you are doing building design, it really makes sense now and in the long term to use high-quality exterior products. High-quality roofing, good windows, good doors because Florida is actually a very harsh environment to build in," said Huish.

With his energy-efficient properties, he hopes to help homeowners well into the future.

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