Bear tears down window screen as Calif. family tries to shoo it away

Published: Jul. 5, 2020 at 6:26 AM EDT
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MAMMOTH LAKES (RMG News/CNN) - A terrified California family is consulting a bear whisperer after multiple incidents where a bear tried to break into their home.

Christian Pondella and his family were shocked when a bear walked up the back-porch steps to their Mammoth Lakes, California, home. The animal ripped the screen from a window and stuck its head in while the family yelled at it to go away.

As seen in video of the encounter, the bear didn’t seem affected by the yelling.

"We're used to bear encounters. I've seen them lots, but for him to just to walk up the stairs while I'm here on the phone and just look at me and proceed as if I'm not here was a bit shocking in that regards," Pondella said.

Last week, the bear actually made it inside the home. Pondella’s wife screamed when she saw it, and the animal ran off.

The family is consulting a local bear whisperer.

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