Tech company helps businesses promote with“swag” while minimizing carbon footprint

The UF-based company is helping businesses across the country use technology to their best advantage while staying sustainable
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Published: Jul. 7, 2020 at 7:55 PM EDT
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“People want technology and they want something sustainable … so we went to set out the next generation of what swag can be.” That was the inspiration for Imprint Genius, according to CEO Isaac Hetzroni.

So what is “swag”? It’s possible you have collected many items of swag yourself. You know ... the pens, the magnets, the coffee cups with company’s names printed on them? Well, recent University of Florida graduate, Hetzroni, knows swag well. On top of selling technological gadgets to classmates and businesses, Hetzroni spent the past four years attending trade shows. There, he noticed a common theme.

“You go and pick up all this swag. You go your hotel and you’re like ‘wait I don’t want any of this stuff’ and you end up throwing it all in the trash,” Hetzroni said, “That triggered something in my mind, like, why is this the case?”

And just like that, Imprint Genius was born. It’s an online swag-management-platform where companies can choose from more than 100,000 different products. Each company is built an individual web platform to track their orders. On top of that, Imprint Genius calculates the carbon footprint of each order based on transportation, materials and manufacturing. They even plant trees to offset your impact.

Not long after the company started, current UF Senior, Gabriel Pena, joined Hetzroni as the Director of Sales. Four years later, they’ve grown to a team of 12 -- the majority UF students.

“We are super proud of the team we have been able to build and the culture here,” Pena said.

So whether your company needs shirts, sweatshirts, hot-sauce or voice-activated robots, Imprint Genius has it all. Lately, they’ve made some special additions, like customizable face masks and hand sanitizer.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Imprint Genius has seen a 900% increase in business, which is not only good news for Imprint Genius, but it’s also a glimpse of hope for the future of their clients.

”Our prediction is that remote working is going to be a thing of the future. Right now is the incredible opportunity to put those systems in place so that once COVID-19 is over, companies come back stronger than ever.

And for the long term goal ...

“Hopefully to inspire the rest of the people in the promo-industry to rethink how we can make swag more sustainable, more efficient, and more effective,” Hetzroni said.

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