Back and forth on 34th Street Wall

Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter activists continue to paint over each others artwork.
Published: Jul. 16, 2020 at 9:01 AM EDT
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - With each new layer of paint, the 34th Street Wall is seeing a back and forth between Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter activists.”

“This is what America is all about. America is built on freedoms and expressions,” said Eric Miles.

Since the death of George Floyd, the 34th Street Wall has become a home to many Black Lives Matter murals.

Those murals have remained untouched, for the most part, until recently when a blue line was painted across the wall on multiple occasions.

Eric miles said he was one of the people to contribute to the blue line.

“Painting the blue line and backing the police to me, every life matters, but people are making this a black versus white thing or citizens versus police,” Miles said.

Although the idea behind the wall is to paint over each others art work, Wildlin Pierrvil said the act of painting a blue line on top of the Back Lives Matter mural is a symbol of disrespect.

“We’re here to restore what the community has put time into creating to demonstrate what they feel passionately for and what they care about,” said Pierrvil.

He said he and the community will continue to restore the murals.

“This is repetitive work that we’re doing. I think speaks to the nature of the issue which is that it is a relentless cause to fight, for the black life,” Pierrvil said.

Rather than continuing to paint over each other, miles said he would like to see both forces come together.

“We should get together and maybe take a section of the wall where it can be side-by-side section black lives matter can have one section they can be side-by-side and everybody can express themselves and fighting back-and-forth. There’s plenty of wall here,” said Miles.

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