102-year-old Gainesville woman searches for her furry best friend, Polo.

The family lost their beloved pup after an attempted home invasion on Wednesday night.
Published: Jul. 31, 2020 at 12:04 AM EDT
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Since late March, 102-year-old Gainesville native Magnolia Jackson and her 7-year-old maltese, Polo have been inseparable. The family said, "just like a member of the family."

On Wednesday night, Jackson's niece, Bennie Edwards says someone tried to break into their home in Gainesville. Edwards said, "and in the process of her trying to get him out, polo disappeared, he ran out the door and we have not seen him since."

Gainesville police responded and made an arrest, although the police report is not yet available. The family thinks Polo slipped through the gate as the stranger escaped.

Edwards added, "When anyone pass in front of the house, anyone comes up, he will let us know. If he's here on the patio he will come and get us, bark at us and then lead us out to the door. To check to see who it is and what they want. He was security for us."

In just a few short months, the pair quickly became best friends. "oh he was devoted to Aunt Mag, oh they were so close, he would wake her up in the morning he would give her his toys. She would throw and toss the toys, he would bring it back to her. They did that so many times throughout the day."

And now the family is working to bring polo home. Jackson said, "i've had many dogs and all but that one tops them all."

The family says no amount of money could ever replace their beloved dog. They’re offering a reward to anyone who finds polo and brings him back here safely to his home. Call 301-318-6905 or email if you think you’ve found Polo.

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