2020 Primary Preview: Republicans running to represent Florida’s 3rd Congressional District

The Republican race for the 3rd Congressional District includes 10 candidates competing for the party's nomination. Judson Sapp, Kat Cammack, Todd Chase, Gavin Rollins, and Ryan Chamberlin are hoping to replace current Representative Ted Yoho, who has been serving since 2012.
Published: Aug. 6, 2020 at 8:21 PM EDT
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) -Judson Sapp, Kat Cammack, Todd Chase, Gavin Rollins, and Ryan Chamberlin are five of the 10 candidates on the republican ticket in a crowded primary race for the 3rd Congressional District. One of these 10 candidates will face a Democratic challenger in their quest to replace current Representative Ted Yoho, who has been serving since 2012.

Judson Sapp said he would undoubtedly address health care if he were elected to congress. He said it’s not the only issue relevant to 3rd district voters, and his background would help.

"I'm also a transportation and infrastructure guy, and that is the committee I want to serve on, which is a committee that benefits everybody in the district. I'm talking about bringing high-speed internet to rural areas, better cell phone coverage, drainage, new streets. I'm talking about bringing your tax dollars you've already paid back to the district and fighting for you," said Sapp.

Kat Cammack served as the Deputy Cheif of Staff for Representative Yoho. She said her experience in the nation's capital would help her on day 1.

"With me, they are going to get someone who is going to be a voice of reason on these issues that have been plaguing our country and our district for decades. Whether it is mandatory spending or national debt, fixing these broken programs that have gone on for so long. We're going to be focused on that long term vision for America," said Cammack.

Todd Chase, a former Gainesville City Commissioner, said he is focused on helping veterans and recognizes the importance of keeping the Department of Defense well funded.

"National security and defense and maintaining our strength and position in the world because I think it is important we remain the world's only superpower. I believe that economic development and a job for every person the opportunity to create that is critically important. That is more important now with COVID than it has been. I'd like to continue to address our health care system," said Chase.

Gavin Rollins, a Clay County Commissioner, service member, and teacher, said he has the experience fighting in different areas to help the district on a national level. He said supporting the president and keeping the country safe is one of his top priorities.

"Number one national security. If we are not safe nothing else matters. We've got to combat communist China, and then the radical left which wants to undermine the foundations of our country. It is really an insurgency, similar to what we deal with in foreign countries where they're wanting the destruction and downfall of the country," said Rollins.

Ryan Chamberlin said his priorities are rooted in his faith. He said in addition to bringing back business to America he wants to focus on taxes.

"I am absolutely against the current income tax system that we have in this country. Working on getting us more towards a flat tax system will absolutely help speed up, this economy and get rid of the frustrations or many of the frustration regulations that are business owners are having that seem to hold them back," said Chamberlin.

We will introduce you to the other five Republican candidates in the race Friday, August, 7th, 2020 on TV20 news.

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