Alachua County teachers continue to protest saying opening schools isn’t safe.

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Published: Aug. 16, 2020 at 8:32 PM EDT
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A handful of Alachua County teachers aren't giving up with their protest about schools re-opening. Here's what they have to say about the school board at least delaying the start of school another week.

Just this week the Alachua County school board pushed back schools opening day to August 31st. However, the teachers who took to the streets to protest say they want it to be pushed back until late September or to go fully virtual.

Shelton Wright is a former teacher who is engaged to a teacher and he said, "until it can be safe for everyone we have an option and that option is digital. Until you have an effective plan I think you should implore that option."

The teachers continue to say they are uncomfortable with the school board's plan currently in place for if a worst-case scenario happens. Wright says he was also frustrated with the school board focusing mostly on how much money it would cost to go fully virtual. The board voted this week 3-2 in favor of sending students back into the classroom.

Wright said, "if we open up schools and somebody dies. a teacher dies, student dies or some relative of a teacher dies those three members who voted yes to opening up brick and mortar how ill they feel. It's literally going to be on their hands. So they sat there and talked about money money money, but they do not understand they literally have the power to save lives. I don't think we should be trading money for lives."

The protesting teachers say they don’t want to not have school at all, they just want it to be virtual until there’s enough data to show sending students back into the classroom can be done safely for every person in the building. Copyright 2020 WCJB. All rights reserved.