“It’s been a juggling act:” Judge sides with FEA and lifts stay in school reopen lawsuit

Alachua County schools are still set to open on Aug. 31
Published: Aug. 28, 2020 at 12:08 AM EDT
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) -It’s been a back and forth for the history books. School districts have the authority to close brick & mortar schools following a judge’s decision ruling that Governor Desantis’ order forcing them open is unconstitutional.

Board member Tina Certain said, “it’s been a juggling act.”

But the ball is in the Alachua County School board’s court following Judge Charles Dodson’s decision to lift the stay on the order to reopen schools.

Certain added, “I think data, positivity data within our school site would need to be monitored and evaluated and decisions made upon how the COVID is spreading in the school. So now we can move and act locally without fear of funding loss. We don’t have to call Tallahassee now and ask Commissioner Corcoran assistant if it’s ok to close a classroom or a school.”

Under pressure to open brick & mortar, parents had three options in Alachua County. Brick and mortar, Alachua Digital Academy and Alachua E-School.

Parent Jennifer Aponte said, “there’s been a lot of uncertainty in this process from the very beginning.”

One thing Aponte is sure of is that her daughter is doing Alachua digital academy.

Aponte added, “Nobody should have to be put in that position and be scared to go back to work. Nobody should have to be in a position where they don’t know what to do with their kids, they don’t know when to send them back. They don’t know what’s safe because nobody is being straight forward or upfront about when it’s truly safe to go back to school.”

Students will still hit the books on schedule in Alachua county whether that’s in person or virtually on Monday. Parents have the option to switch their student’s method of learning after the first nine weeks of school.

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