UF students start semester of “new normal” on Monday

Published: Aug. 30, 2020 at 4:39 PM EDT
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - Uf classes start Monday and students are already on campus and getting ready for a semester of “the new normal.”

When COVID-19 canceled spring classes and students had to finish the semester at home it was unclear if they’d be back this fall. but they are, and those we spoke to are happy to be here. “I’m definitely excited, it certainly beats staying at home when I’m easily distracted,” said Dylan Palmer, a Sophomore majoring in Finance. “I hope it will be a fun school year regardless of everything that’s happening right now.”

Many have more virtual classes than in-person classes. “I actually am lucky enough to have one in-person class, a chem lab,” said Jasmine Looi, a Freshman majoring in Bio Pre Med. “The rest of my classes are online and I’m super thrilled for all of them.”

It’s also a point of emphasis to cut down on college parties this semester, something those we spoke to say they’ll do their best to abide by.

“I’m going to try and stay home I mean, I don’t really want things to continue on going this way and I know if people are having big parties like that it will cause big problems,” said Trey Ecker, a Junior majoring in Journalism. “We may have a zoom spring which I really don’t want.”

Masks are required in all UF facilities at all times however, outside only about half of the students we saw continued to wear them. Still, they say by now they’re used to wearing them inside even if masks do make certain aspects of the college experience a bit more difficult

. “I really don’t mind whatever it takes to be safe is okay,” said Ricca Lopatukhin, a Freshman majoring in Bio-Medical Engineering. “It’s a little harder to remember people’s faces once they tell you their name, you almost forget who it is. Really though it’s not a big deal at least you can still spend time with people and I’m happy they’re being safe about it.”

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