Gilchrist County commissioners turn the volume down on noise control following Labor Day weekend parties

Residents say excessive noise, traffic and trash out of Ginnie Springs continue to cause them problems.
Published: Sep. 10, 2020 at 11:21 PM EDT
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TRENTON, Fla. (WCJB) - Gilchrist county resident Eddy Scott admits that noise out of Ginnie Springs has improved since his last meeting with county commissioners in early August.

“The noise is still an issue, it’s an ongoing issue. I would say it’s varied some,” said Scott.

Although, over the Labor Day weekend, the bass and treble caused trouble for neighboring residents prompting county commissioners to alter their noise ordinance.

“They may give a warning but they’re not required to,” added Scott. “The ordinance previously required that they give a warning now it’s the officer’s discretion. So if it’s a habitual offender, they don’t have to be warned every time so hopefully it makes it easier for law enforcement to uphold the citation and write tickets on it.”

The vote was unanimous by commissioners to allow law enforcement officers to issue a citation if noise is an issue past 10 pm.

Although, the noise was just one concern brought up.

“That’s what people want to be in nature for, to enjoy nature, not to see it destroyed,” said life-long Gilchrist county residents Travis and maverick Smith.

County commissioners agree and say the owner of the park has cooperated with making changes to benefit residents.

The Smith brothers started cleaning up trash at parks, springs and trails in December to preserve the beauty of areas like Ginnie Springs. They have a Youtube channel to document their findings called Trail Trash Outdoors and the scene isn’t always pretty.

“Poop, poop bags, feminine hygiene products, diapers,” added Travis as the brothers noted the increase in traffic and trash at the park since the pandemic started.

“We hope that they can enforce some laws really and it really comes down to the individual person and doing the right thing and just packing up your trash,” mentioned Travis.

The duo is planning a park clean-up on Saturday and Sunday from 8 am to 5 pm.

“You’re only cool if you put your trash in your pocket before you get to a trash can, everyone else dropping your trash, that’s not cool,” said Maverick.

In an effort to resolve issues with traffic, trash and noise, County Administrator Bobby Crosby is tasked with setting up a meeting between county commissioners and the owner of Ginnie Springs to find solutions that work for all.

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