Gilchrist County residents fight back against proposed RV park

The board room was packed with residents who wanted commissioners to know that the proposed RV park would negatively impact their way of life.
Proposal RV permit in Gilchrist County
Published: Sep. 21, 2020 at 11:55 PM EDT
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TRENTON, Fla. (WCJB) -In nearly every row of Gilchrist County’s board room, residents held up these signs that read, ‘NO RV PARK’ to show their visual disapproval of the commission’s discussion for a special use permit.

“I live directly across state road 47 from this proposed RV development,” said resident Rachael Smith.

The permit is for a proposed RV park off of SR 47 in High Springs of 120 acres with 347 RV sites, a swimming pool and more.

“A small theatre, a children’s arcade, a general store, a sandwich shop, a seasonal open market,” added a speaker describing the proposed area.

For Smith, the home and family she’s built is no longer safe if an RV park pops up in her neighborhood.

“I view this development as a threat to the safety of my family,” added Smith. “I spoke about the traffic impact of 1,029 RV’s per day that are going to be added to our roadway directly across from our house. Directly on our roads outside our home. That’s 1,029 more chances for my family to be in a car accident with an RV.”

The vote was tied among commissioners so the conversation will continue. After a traffic study is conducted to assess the impact to CR 340, commissioners will vote again at their next meeting on Oct. 5.

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