Political rallies take place across north-central Florida

Published: Oct. 3, 2020 at 9:14 PM EDT
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - President Donald Trump versus Former Vice President Joe Biden. Supporters of both candidates showed up at two different political events in north-central Florida on Saturday.

“For one thing, I want other supporters to know that there’s a lot of us out here, that we’re all in this together. Also, to anyone who is on the other side or maybe on the fence know to do their research,” said Sheila Derossett, a supporter of President Trump.

Supporters of the president drove around the county, and more than 30 cars participated in this parade.

In Ocala, it was a similar scene where supporters of Joe Biden gathered for a rally hosted by “Vote Common Good.” They are an organization that uses religion when speaking with voters in some of the most crucial states across the United States.

“We’re not trying to convince Republicans not to be Republicans we do want them not to vote for this Republican in this next election. We’re calling them to something deeper in their life, and that is what do they hold most sincerely,” said Doug Pagitt, the executive director of the organization.

Along the way and at different stops, the organization has experienced protestors.

“In one of the other cities we were in Holland, Michigan, the Proud Boys showed up to our event, and we’re disruptive. At the end of the event, they said that they would like to start a second civil war because our message was faith, hope, and love on election day. I don’t know why they feel like we are opposed to America or anything like that. We are all Americans on our tour,” said Brady Ross, one of the people traveling with the organization.

Here in north-central Florida, a protestor showed up with one goal: to show his support for President Trump.

“Our President has done a stellar job. While he may have yes made some people mad, the only thing he has done is held politicians red and blue accountable. All he is asking them to do is do their job, and it is upsetting career politicians that have had 30 and 40 years to make a difference and haven’t done it. Plain and simple,” said Brady Adkins.

With everyone using their voice to support their beliefs, everything remained peaceful. The tour will be traveling around the state before heading back north.

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