Gainesville’s Community Circus re-opens at new location

The new location is open for in-person classes and is twice the size of the old one.
The new location is open for in-person classes and is twice the size of the old one.(wcjb)
Published: Oct. 11, 2020 at 5:46 PM EDT
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - The circus is back in town with a brand new location for Gainesville’s Community Circus.

Circus classes are back in full swing at the new location which is double the size of their old one.

“It feels like life has begun again like we can live again, it’s wonderful,” said Circus Director Corey Cheval. “It’s still interesting dealing with new safety precautions but I think everyone has adapted well.”

An open house showcased to the community the new space and how it looks along with skills you could learn.

“We have intro to aerial arts which teaches trapeze, silks, and a Lyra,” said Cheval. “Those are three fundamental trial skills. We also have ground acrobatics, juggling and flying trapeze. Our flying trapeze is located at our satellite location in Williston."

One of the performer’s favorite new additions? Air conditioning.

“It was nice not having to work out in a warehouse in the Florida heat anymore,” said instructor and performer Elizabeth Bouton.

“Our other building got to be over 100 in the summer but we kept working,” said instructor and performer Robin Best.

In-person classes started Monday and instructors say it’s a humbling experience but one worth taking the plunge to do.

“I started 2 years ago. I saw the performers and I always wanted to join,” said Best. “I didn’t think I had the right body for it, I was too clumsy and heavy and didn’t have dance experience or acrobatic experience. But the teachers here meet you at the level you’re at and build you up.”

“You will surprise yourself with what your body can do,” said Bouton. “You don’t have to have the muscles right away to do cool things. The strength comes with time.”

They are currently accepting reservations for classes from any age 5 and up and any experience level even if you’ve never done it before.

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