6th Annual “Shoot with the Sheriff” helps local charities and gives one area sheriff bragging rights

Published: Oct. 16, 2020 at 5:51 PM EDT
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - Bradford County Sheriff Gordon Smith faced office against three other sheriff’s in the 6th Annual “Shoot with the Sheriff” event at the Bradford Sportsmen’s Farm. The challengers were reining champ Union County Sheriff Brad Whitehead, Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter, and Highlands County Sheriff Paul Blackman. However, Sheriff Smith didn’t have home field advantage and lost to Sheriff Whitehead in the first round.

“I got to do something to catch up with that Sheriff Whitehead.”

Then people had the opportunity to go out shooting with their team.

“We like to do things to support our community and that is what this is really about. They get to come out it’s a fun day of shooting, shooting the clays. They go from station to station you see a lot of competitiveness out there,” said Sheriff Smith.

The sheriff’s office donates all of the proceeds raised at the even to a good cause including athletic events for young ladies.

“Every dime that we raise goes towards local causes and charities such as our local 4-H.”

Despite making changes the sheriff said they had a great turnout at this years event with 21 teams totaling roughly 84 participants.

“We’ve had to reschedule this thing in the time that we have it. It’s been a great day, it’s been a great turnout. We’ve grown over the years and it continues to grow, it has become more completive amongst us sheriffs.”

After Sheriff Smith lost to Sheriff Whitehead in the first round Sheriff Blackman knocked out Sheriff Hunter. The returning champ from Union County Sheriff Whitehead ultimately walked away with the victory. Sheriff Smith has a plan for next year.

“I had my eyes dilated yesterday, I’m trying to use that excuse as long as I can. I might need a little practice.”

The Clay Pigeons are biodegradable so once they hit the ground they can stay without hurting the environment.

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