Gridiron Girl Power: Two Bronson athletes blaze a trail

Published: Oct. 24, 2020 at 12:32 PM EDT
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BRONSON, Fla. (WCJB) - Starting a sport you’ve never played before can be tough, but being the only two girls on a team full of boys is even harder.

Bronson High School football players, Breeanna Kidd and Audrey Hubbard, two girls, are making a statement for Bronson as members of the Eagles football team.

Breanna was originally a cheerleader, and Audrey is a member of the Eagles basketball team. The two athletes tell us how they found the sport.

“Last year I thought it was cool I always played around joking about joining the team when we were cheering”, Kidd, a junior on the offensive and the defensive line said.

“Coach Holley asked me in gym class as a joke if I’d be the kicker I said yeah and it just happened,"

“I don’t have any issues putting them anywhere. Audrey is very tough. Last year as a 7th grader, she was one of the better players on the varsity basketball team, and when Breanna came out and said I wanna play offensive and defensive line, the respect I have for her.” Bronson football coach Russell Holley said.

Joining a team with people much bigger than you can be scary, but these athletes have warmed up to it.

"Sometimes it scares me because the boys are bigger than me but coach holly says you can’t be scared of the boys in front of you,” Kidd said. The boys on the team have embraced them like family.

“They’re all pretty much supportive me on middle school and varsity, the older ones act like big brothers they’re protective of me,” Hubbard said.

Audrey and Breanna have advice for any other girls who might wanna try out football too

“Girls can do anything," Hubbard said.

"I want girls to know that whatever is a boy sport girls can do too,” Kidd said.

With a mentality like that, these two are bound to soar like eagles.

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