Alachua County introduces interactive map to help find affordable housing

Published: Nov. 30, 2020 at 4:26 PM EST
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - If you’re struggling to find affordable housing in Alachua County, the growth management office says they have one tool to help you through the process of finding a place to call home.

Their new interactive map is helping both tenants and landlords through the process as money remains tight during the pandemic.

The map allows landlords to list units for rent on the map, helping those who are currently struggling to get eyes on certain properties. For tenants, whether you’re already living in Alachua County and are thinking about relocating, or you’re planning a move to the county, this map could be of major benefit in finding a spot that could be financially stable in a long-term scenario.

“Here at the housing division, we are trying to expand as much as possible to make housing easy here in Alachua County ... and affordable … we know that in itself is an issue ... but we keep trying. This is another tool we are using to get information out about affordable housing,” said Alachua County Housing Programs Manager, Stephen Weeks.

Weeks says the map can help prospective renters no matter their housing priorities.

“This way, they can go and they can see ‘okay this apartment over here works for this much money ... It’s 500 feet away from the bus line … Publix is right down the street ... Shands is a mile away ... that kind of thing. There is a list of contact people you can call, [information on] what kind of funding is available for assistance for section 8 housing, and things of that nature.”

You can do more than just search for your new home. If you’re a current tenant, you can also file for unfair housing practices or other issues you have faced.

Find a link to the map HERE.

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