The Blanche hosts an open house to showcase the restored historic property

The Blanche, a historic building in Lake City, is showcasing their property to the community....
The Blanche, a historic building in Lake City, is showcasing their property to the community. This 80,000 square foot multi-development property is the first of its kind in the city.(WCJB)
Published: Dec. 6, 2020 at 4:41 PM EST
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - 22 residential apartments, 14 hotel rooms, 18 private offices, and a retail space are just some of The Blanche’s offerings in Lake City.

“This is a historic landmark. People are very interested. This is a big part of our community,” said Dennille Decker, the Operations Director for The Blanche.

Restoration of this historic landmark began in February of 2018 and reopened their doors in February of 2020. However, except for a couple of spaces being used, the property hasn’t been used in its full capacity since the 1960s. Now it is pulling in people from all over the state.

“I mean, I felt like all along that we really had the opportunity to not only change Lake City in bringing more people in and that’s already paying off. We are having people from Gainesville, Jacksonville, Orlando, Dixie County. These are all brides that we are having coming that are getting married here, that would have never thought about coming to Lake City, Florida, here before to get married.”

Whether you’re using the co-working space or the event venue, you’ll see a mix of historic and modern touches.

“We are on the national historic register, so we did have to follow some very specific protocols. We are very excited for people to see not only what it looked like historically but then with the added twists of the modern times.”

Decker said this property is unique.

“It’s so cool to be in a building like this, and it’s an experience that hardly any place has. There is very few historic buildings that can offer what we have here. I’m just so thrilled that we finally have it done, and people are getting to experience and can’t wait for more to be able to do so.”

She believes this property is changing how people view the city for travel.

“Lake City has always been a stopover destination for many travelers. Now, I feel like The Blanche is making us more than just a stopover place. It’s making us an actual destination.”

If you would like to find out more information about The Blanche, click here.

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