The Swamp Restaurant to rebuild identical building in Gainesville’s Innovation District

Published: Dec. 12, 2020 at 1:37 PM EST
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - The demolition of The Swamp Restaurant tugged at the heart strings of Gator fans around the world but now the iconic Gainesville restaurant will be rebuilt at a different location, while still keeping the same look as the original landmark.

“The way that it’s intended to be, the home feeling with the white picket fence and the front lawn,” Owner Ryan Prodesky said.

The Swamp Restaurant was the place where Gators clinked their beer glasses together after class and on football game days for more than 25 years.

The restaurant’s original building was demolished this past August after the development company, 908 Group, bought that area of midtown to build apartments.

“It was humbling but also exciting to see how many people really stood up for The Swamp. I mean, there were campaigns for making Swamp a historical land mark. There were campaigns for Saving the Swamp, I think 40 plus thousand people signed some of those campaigns,” Prodesky said.

The original plan was to reopen Swamp in the commercial space of the apartments being built but another opportunity came along to rebuild in Gainesville’s Innovation District.

“We’re incredibly excited for them, we think it’s going to be a fantastic development but again the chance to rebuild Swamp the way that it was intended to be was just too good of a chance to turn down,” Prodesky said.

Prodesky has teamed up with Trimark Properties to construct the new building at 1026 SW Second Ave. resembling the original design of The Swamp Restaurant. While the building will keep its charm and structure, there will be improvements to the design.

“I hope that us being able to bring it back is going to give some people a sense of joy, that we’re keeping Gainesville the way it was or the way that it was intended to be,” Prodesky said.

Management is planning to have The Swamp Restaurant reopened by August 2022.

“I think on the first game day, we’re going to be packed. I think that people will just change the way that they celebrate game days and they’re going to come over here. it’s not that much further of a walk,” Prodesky said.

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