7-year-old girl is recovering after being attacked by two dogs in her front yard

7-year-old girl is recovering after being attacked by two dogs in her front yard
Published: Dec. 18, 2020 at 5:26 PM EST
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - 7-year-old Adah was in her front yard on Tuesday night when two dogs attacked her.

“I screamed, and then they looked towards me. Then, they just run towards me.”

That is how the young girl described the chaotic moments leading up to the attack. Adah’s mom Amber Timmons said her son and the young girl’s older brother immediately ran for help.

“My oldest son came and started pounding on the door, saying Adah was being attacked by dogs. I ran out and started screaming and running at the dogs. They backed off her just a little bit, enough time for me to scoop up her body and put it on the floor in my living room. It was just very, very gruesome and horrific.”

The mother started tending to her daughter.

“I was shaking and asking for kids to bring me towels to mop up the blood. Trying to get to the phone to call the police. When they came, there were about 6 to 10 paramedics that were surrounding Adah.”

With multiple wounds, first responders took immediate action to help the young girl in need.

“They had to cut her clothes off to get to her body. It was very gruesome,” said the mother.

As the search continues for these two dogs, the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office and Alachua County Animal Services have narrowed their description.

“Dark-colored, Rottweiler type dog or a pit type dog. That is about as narrow of a description as we have,” said Alachua County Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson Art Forgey.

He said the main concern is the health and safety of the young girl and helping the family.

“The little girl has been through enough trauma and enough pain and suffering, that if we can get the dogs located where we can save her from having to go through some additional pain or suffering. I think that is everyone’s outcome now, to try to locate those dogs and assist the little girl.”

Even after the attack, Adah’s outlook on dogs has not changed.

“There are some good dogs. There are some bad dogs.”

She still wants to work with animals in her future career,” I want to be a zookeeper.”

The mother is blessed to have her little girl by her side.

“She is alive, and that is what we are thankful for today.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff’s office or animal services. To find out more about the GoFundMe to help Adah click here.

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