UF’s Chabad Jewish center honors Sophia Lambert with a memorial service, and more than 400 people attended the celebration of life

Published: Jan. 22, 2021 at 10:45 PM EST
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - More than 400 students gathered at the Chabad Jewish center to honor and remember 19-year-old Sophia Lambert on Friday night. The freshman was a Delta Phi Epsilon member, and her sorority sister said she was a caring and amazing person.

“She was the brightest light in the room. When she walked in her smile, just lit up the whole place. She was someone that was very passionate about what she loved,” said Drew McNally, the President of Delta Phi Epsilon. “She was a star on the stage and off. Overall, just the biggest heart.”

McNally said Sophia had a positive attitude.

“I always remember her being the first one to volunteer for anything. She would throw her hand up in the air with a big smile and be like, ‘I want to help in any way I can.’ She was just kind of person that was a rock.”

The sorority sisters could always rely on Sophia to offer them love and support.

“She was the girl that would send us random texts of kindness to her friends. I read so many of them, just like a ‘Hey I love you.’”

Sophia’s sisters at UF plan on honoring her every day.

“We are going to do good, which is what Sophia always said is that she is going to do good. We always say ‘I love you,’ and we are just going to keep that going and have her passions keep us alive.”

They would like to create a memorial at the sorority house to honor this young soul taken too soon.

“We are looking into doing a tree in the back of our sorority house and a bench. We want to make it a special place and kind of where we can all sit and have her there with us when we are at the house and in our home.”

McNally said the other four women hit in the crash are doing well and recovering.

If you would like to honor Sophia, click here.

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