“Truckers Rule America,” founded by former Charlotte Hornets owner, honored a local COVID-19 survivor and Navy veteran

Published: Jan. 26, 2021 at 11:02 PM EST
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KEYSTONE HEIGHTS, Fla. (WCJB) - Eric Dowdy is a Navy veteran and no longer able to work as a truck driver after his battle with COVID-19, but the trucking community is still impacting his life.

“Truckers Rule America” is an organization focused on supporting those in the trucking industry. It was created after former Charlotte Hornets owner George Shinn heard a song written by Jody Lee Hager, and they teamed up.

“The song was written to acknowledge and give homage to the truck drivers, especially during the pandemic,” said Hager.

Jody Hager’s wife saw TV20′s original story about Eric Dowdy and knew they could help him and his family.

“We just got started, and I called Mr. Shinn, and I sent the story to them, and I said ‘we claim this is what we are going to do to help people, and we have a great opportunity here,’” said Hager. “I know we just got started, and he said absolutely. He jumped in.”

Hager presented Dowdy with a check on Tuesday. According to Hager, the reason they chose him is because his story was compelling.

“The biggest thing that struck me when I saw the story was just him, his family values and his belief, and his faith. After coming in here meeting his wife, nobody could deserve it more, incredible family.”

Dowdy’s faith has guided him through this scary and challenging time of battling COVID-19 and the recovery process.

“I never focused on me not being able to pay my bills, knowing my mortgage was going to be due, knowing my light bill was going to be due, car payment, insurance—so many things that we just and breathing and taking all of those things for granted. God is faithful to those. He is faithful to see us through any circumstance and anything we go through. Our weakness his strength is made perfect.”

Dowdy was in dialysis treatment when he was thinking about his bills and how his funds were dwindling; when he got the call, he let him know the organization will be helping him and his family.

“I’m just very appreciative of Mr. Hager and all that ‘Truckers Rule America’ is about. I think it’s great. They are a Godsend. I can tell you that.”

Dowdy believes this group is showing love through their action and their desire to help.

The recovery process is far from over as dowdy is still in need of a kidney transplant.

To find out more about “Truckers Rule America,” click here.

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