DOH in Alachua County opts-out of state’s COVID-19 vaccine registration system; revamping county sign-up

Published: Jan. 29, 2021 at 10:56 PM EST
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - The Department of Health in Alachua County has decided to opt-out of the state’s newly released COVID-19 vaccine registration system. Mark Sexton, the Director of Communications for the county, said abandoning the system leaders have continually worked to improve is not the best idea.

“They don’t think it would be prudent to scrap a system that is being built on and is working and start over with a system that is untested.”

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They are continually modifying the current system based on feedback from residents, according to Sexton.

“The health department and the hospitals, the agencies that are in charge of the vaccines in Alachua County have a very good system that they are working hard to refine. There are some new refinements that are getting ready to hit.”

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If people want to get vaccinated in Alachua County, they have t0 sign-up through the county’s Department of Health. Calling the state’s toll-free number or using their website to sign-up will not get you an appointment. Residents of other counties will, in Marion County, those who signed up on the county website will go ahead of those who sign up on the state’s website.

“We want to make sure people understand if you see that state registration system if you call that number or go that website and click on Alachua county, and you sign-up you are really not doing anything,” said Sexton. “You are not going to be scheduled for a vaccine if you go to the state website. just stay the course with us here in Alachua County.”

The online registration page was temporarily closed, however, it was back open on Saturday, after the DOH transitioned to a new form.

“You will not only be able to register on that website, but it will have a calendar of events coming up. You will be able to open up an event, look at a time slot, and set your own appointment.”

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Sexton said the resources in the county, including UF Health, to help with the registration system is a significant benefit. He believes the state’s system is just what many other counties need.

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