State Rep. is calling for a controversial law to be repealed; “This ‘Stand Your Ground’ law has taken on a new twist”

Published: Feb. 8, 2021 at 10:55 PM EST
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - North-Central Florida Representative Yvonne Hinson is calling for the “Stand Your Ground” law to be repealed. The District 20 Representative thinks the law is problematic and not used as intended.

“This ‘Stand Your Ground’ law has taken on a new twist, where you can actually pursue your aggressor and take them out, just kill them. I think it should just revert back to the ‘Castle Doctrine’ where we have a right to defend our property and ourselves, but not be able or willing to pursue a person until they are dead. That should not be a law in America.”

She said the statistics do not work in favor of this law.

“The homicide rate when up over 30% since its introduction, homicides with guns.”

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Representative Hinson believes this law allows people with bad intentions to act and walk away with no repercussions.

“There is a law now for people who have ill intent in their hearts and in their minds to follow through on, fully immunized from it. They are fully immunized by it. They can get away with killing people and have no consequences from it,” said Representative Hinson. “It shouldn’t be that way. I don’t think the law when the good legislators of Florida passed it, thought it would end up this bad. It has, and because of that, we need to stop it.”

Without going so far as to oppose Representative Hinson’s proposal, Republican State Senator Keith Perry of Florida’s Eighth District said he is not opposed to making changes where they are needed.

“I think it is important not to have a broad say here is a bill that’s hundreds of pages long and say throw out the whole bill. What we need to do is look at are there specific areas that need to be adjusted or corrected. Certainly, people who reach out to me that is my goal is to meet with them and discuss what parts, if any parts, need to be changed.”

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He said if a law can be abused because of how it is written, it is a bad law.

“Every law should be fair.”

As Senator Perry and other elected officials review laws this legislative session, he believes questions need to be answered.

“We have to look at and say is it unequally applied, is the law a problem, is the way it’s administered a problem. Those are the questions that we need to ask. I think it deserves a good debate.”

Representative Hinson said if the law were used as intended, then there would be no use for it as the “Castle Doctrine” would be sufficient enough.

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