Gainesville Police begin median enforcement

Published: Feb. 10, 2021 at 5:24 PM EST
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) -The Gainesville Police Department will start issuing warnings about the city’s new median ban.

The Pedestrian Safety ordinance went into effect last week and bans people from standing in medians that are less than 6-feet wide. Medians are a popular spot for panhandlers around the city. Injuries and accidents were one of the main calls for concern when the Gainesville city council approved the measure. GPD Public Information Officer Graham Glover noted the over 80 accidents and several deaths that resulted from accidents that occurred while people were on these medians.

“When you are talking a median that is less than 6 feet in width, you are putting their life at risk,” Glover said. “Last year in the city of Gainesville, as the ordinance said, over 88 accidents. 10 people killed 68 individuals seriously injured.”

GPD will start issuing warnings for those found violating the new ordinance for a few weeks. Once the grace period is over, fines will start at $50. The third offense will be a $100 fine and then all instances after that, the offender will go to civil court. Glover also believes that once the warnings and fines start change will be seen on Gainesville’s roads.

Glover said, “When fines are issued I think the public is going to very quickly understand and realize that this new ordinance is in effect and I’m confident that we’ll see a decrease in the number of people trying to panhandle in these vary narrow medians.”

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