Mother speaks out after her two boys were hit while biking to school last week

Published: Mar. 1, 2021 at 5:40 PM EST|Updated: Mar. 1, 2021 at 9:22 PM EST
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - The Gainesville Police Department is looking for yet another vehicle that hit a student and sped off. But, this time the victims were two elementary school children.

The two brothers, who are both 8- and 10-years old, were biking on the sidewalk that runs along 38th street near Littlewood Elementary on Thursday. Their mother, Nicky Villardefrancos described the injuries her boys sustained.

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“He was slung into the pole and he hit his head on the pole and his collarbone,” Nicky said about the 8-year old who was admitted to UF Health Shands with a concussion. “He still has some swelling to the left side of his face and some bruising on his head right here. His collar bone is bruised as well and skinned up. Besides bumps and bruises, they wound up with no broken bones which is lucky.”

The older boy saw the vehicle before they were hit. Villardefrancos said “My oldest son, he does remember what the vehicle looked like. He said it was a white SUV or van. He said that whenever he did look back before it got here to hit them that it had white lettering on the windshield. He doesn’t remember what it said but he does remember the white lettering.”

The mother also said the boy saw black skull stickers on the vehicle. GPD did not comment on the look of the vehicle they are searching for; However, GPD Public Information Officer Graham Glover did reiterate the importance of staying at the scene of an accident.

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Glover said, “...for the individual who left the scene of the crime let me be very clear. Anytime that you are involved in an accident you are required by law to stop. Fleeing the scene of a crime, fleeing the scene of an incident is negligence and this is a problem that simply can not occur.”

The two boys did go to school Monday, but their mother says the damage done by this accident is more than physical.

“My boys didn’t deserve this. They were on the sidewalk they were doing what they were supposed to do and they don’t deserve to be traumatized like this. They’ve been dealing with nightmares since this happened and they’ve not been sleeping very well,” Villardefrancos said while in front of the site where the boys were struck.

The investigation is on-going and the mother urges anyone with information to come forward whether it be to her, GPD or even the school.

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