Rep. Chuck Clemons files bill to allow food trucks to sell alcohol at Innovation Hub

Published: Mar. 3, 2021 at 6:13 PM EST
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - The Florida House of Representatives’ local administration and veteran affairs subcommittee voted in favor for a bill that would allow food trucks to serve alcohol, including liquor, in the Innovation Hub.

Representative Chuck Clemons said this will bring a night scene to the area.

“The city of Gainesville is out in front in solving some of these problems,” Clemons said. “And, they’re trying solve one of the problems of food desert in an area that historically just has day time visitors through the Innovation Hub.”

Food truck parks would have to have permanent fencing and each individual truck must obtain a liquor license.

Beverages sold must be consumed inside the premises.

“It can entertain and solve the challenges of food and recreation inside that place that’s normally just businesses,” Clemons added.

Sen Khiev owned a food truck for three years before finding a place for sublime tacos and explained that this bill would benefit food trucks, especially in this time.

“It would definitely help business a lot and the food truck industry has been hit hard with this pandemic and there are lots of challenges of operating a food truck,” Khiev said.

While the sublime tacos food truck isn’t up and running at the moment, when they do get back on the scene, they said this bill could be great for business.

“I think that’s definitely something we would explore and possibly add to our services,” Khiev added.

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He hopes their are protocols put in place to keep everyone safe.

“I hope that this does pass and I hope that they’re are guidelines in place for food truck operators to follow,” Khiev added.

While this bill is limited to Innovation Hub, Clemons believes the state will follow suit.

“I believe that this particular idea will go state wide at some point,” said Clemons.

The bill is now being discussed by the regulatory reform committee. For more information Click here.

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